8 Surprising Benefits of CBD for Dogs

Benefits of CBD for Dogs

benefits of cbd for dogs

Here is a quick list of 8 benefits of CBD for dogs:

1 CBD is Not Psychoactive

CBD is short for cannabidiol and it’s a major substance of hemp or cannabis together with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD is not psychoactive, generally, CBD won’t get you or your pet dog high, just relaxed with no psychoactive effects.

2 CBD oil reduces anxiety

It’s outstanding for trips to the veterinarian, car rides, separation anxiety, fireworks, loud kids, being around other canines, or pet aggressiveness.

3 CBD can deal with major brain conditions like epilepsy and seizures

CBD is utilized thoroughly for the treatment of epilepsy in humans and because pets experience this condition too, it can be utilized for them and has actually even shown more reliability than the standard phenobarbitol drugs used to combat seizures.

In fact, studies suggest that 5% of dogs have regular seizures and the conventional drugs administered normally have damaging side effects to internal organs such as the liver.

4 CBD for pets with pain

CBD works so well for pain that it’s gained approval as a brand-new class of drug for chronic discomfort.
This consists of all nerve-related discomfort and neuropathy, discomfort from swelling generally, and of organs like acute pancreatitis and digestive tract inflammation such as inflammatory bowel disease.

5 CBD oil advantages for pet dogs with cancer

If your pet is struggling with cancer, I greatly suggest that treatment includes CBD for the following reasons;

  • It assists the immune system to combat cancer cells
  • CBD works on its own to harm cancer cells by cutting off their energy generation

  • It helps to stop growths forming and slows general cancer development.

  • CBD is an outstanding cancer painkiller

  • CBD increases appetite

  • CBD helps with queasiness, throwing up, and the results of chemotherapy

6 CBD helps with IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease).

Research studies with animals have shown that CBD prevents colitis and brings back normal gut activity in inflammatory bowel disease. It does this by increasing your dog’s compromised body immune system to destroy hazardous bacterial and viral intruders to restore balance.

7  CBD oil for dogs with joint pain has an incredible impact on canine arthritis.

8  CBD safeguards the nerve system and slows neurodegenerative illness.

This means CBD is great for your senior canine, safeguarding them from cell death brought about by complimentary radicals, toxic substances, and an inadequate diet.

What does the research say about the benefits of CBD for dogs?

There’s minimal research on the effects of CBD on dogs, but some studies do exist.

Research from 2019 (Trusted Source) looked at CBD’s effect on epilepsy in dogs and found that seizure frequency was reduced upon taking a CBD-infused oil. However, the study only involved 26 dogs.

One 2020 study (Trusted Source) on CBD for osteoarthritis-related pain in dogs found that CBD helped relieve pain and improve mobility without serious side effects.

Another 2020 study (Trusted Source) looked at the effects of CBD on anxiety related to loud noises. A total of 16 dogs were observed.

Researchers concluded that the CBD had no effect on the fear response, but that there may be several reasons for this result, including dosing time. Additionally, some dogs may have developed a conditioned fear response to the lab testing environment.

A recent 2021 study (Trusted Source) suggests that CBD may help alleviate aggressive behavior in dogs. However, the sample size only consisted of 24 dogs.

A note on the available research

CBD and its uses is a relatively new area of study, and much of the available research is from the last several years. While our general understanding of CBD is young and limited, there are many studies underway currently that may help us better understand its capabilities and efficacy.

As more states pass legislation legalizing both medical and recreational marijuana for humans, pet parents are naturally wondering if they should give marijuana to their ailing or anxious pets.

According to Harvard Health Publishing, the FDA has just approved the “first-ever cannabis-derived medicine for epilepsy syndromes” called Epidiolex. This, along with other research now possible due to legalization, has huge implications in the human health care industry, not to mention veterinary applications.

Dogs, like humans, can get comfort from CBD oil as well as CBD treats.

A Veterinarian’s Take on CBD for Dogs

Dr. Gary Richter of Holistic Veterinary Care in OaklandCalifornia, is one of the leading proponents in that state to allow for the use of cannabis for animals.

He is a co-sponsor of SB-627, which would allow veterinarians to recommend cannabis for pets. Because it’s not yet legal to administer in the state of California, he can’t do so, but he says the health benefits that humans are experiencing with CBD and THC should be similar for dogs.

Though CBD has been removed from the controlled substances list, there’s a long way to go before it’s fully accepted. “At least in California, the Veterinary Medical Board still hasn’t issued any kind of position statement to change their previous position which was veterinarians aren’t allowed to do anything with hemp and marijuana,” he says.

Using CBD Oil for Dog Seizures and Other Health Issues

Dog owners who have access to legal CBD in their area have been familiar with its benefits for a while. Most of the pet owners I talked to use CBD to calm anxious animals.

Others gave their pet a dosage of CBD oil to help alleviate symptoms of pain. CBD—by affecting the endocannabinoid system in your dog’s body—affects your dog’s mood, appetite, memory, metabolism, sleep, pleasure, movement and coordination, and immune system response.

Dr, Richter weighs in: “CBD has a lot of potential medical benefits, including being an anti-inflammatory tool for pain. It can be used for seizures,” he says, and can be beneficial for cancer patients. “There are a couple of published studies out there looking at the use of CBD and animals. Using CBD for pain like arthritis, back pain, and other forms of inflammation is helpful.”

He also says it’s helped some animals control seizures and “it does have anti-cancer properties. I couldn’t really speak definitively as far as changing the course of cancer.”

Buying CBD Oil for Your Dog

You can give your dog CBD in several formats—oil tinctures and chewy treats are the most popular options out there currently. But the biggest piece of advice Dr. Richter has for people looking to give CBD to their pets is to check the ingredients and purity of the product.

There are a lot of people selling products out there. And quality is certainly a big concern.” Dr. Richter also advises that consumers look for a “Certificate of Analysis,” which should be able to show what is in the product, as well as the guaranteed potency. In some cases, this must be requested from the company before purchasing the product.

Are there any pesticides, fungicides heavy metals, etc.—these are the kinds of things that people should really be looking for. Without any regulation, the sky’s the limit. And this is part of the problem. Is there any guarantee that what it says on the label is really what’s in the bottle?

The Certificate of Analysis is helpful for that. It’s a tough landscape. And honestly, it’s a tough landscape in the supplement market in general, because of all of those reasons and because there’s so much money to be made in CBD.”

If you’re thinking of giving your dog CBD oils or chews, Dr. Richter says, “I would always recommend that people have a consultation with a veterinarian before they start giving any kind of cannabis product to their animal.”

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