DOES CBD REALLY DO ANYTHING? Real Doctor Explains Everything You Need Know About Cannabidiol CBD Oil

Alpha-GPC And Its Effects On The Brain

This article is about the positive effects of Alpha-GPC on the brain. This substance is known to improve memory, concentration and learning process.

GABA for Jitters

Anyone who has drunk too much coffee knows all about the jitters. While coffee is a great way to wake up, too much can end up causing symptoms that are very akin to anxiety. In fact, the first thing that people who suffer from anxiety are generally told to do is to lay off heavily caffeinated beverages such as that ritual gianormous cup of joe. The reason why coffee can give you the “jitters” is because caffeine happens to be a notorious GABA inhibitor. While it might have you think that it is a cover band for a famous Swedish Pop Group, GABA is really a neurotransmitter that helps block certain nerve impulses. While most neurotransmitters, including Glutamate (the amino acid from which GABA is made) act as excitatory transmitters causing neurons to fire impulses, GABA does the exact opposite. It actually tells your nerves not to fire, having a tranquilizing effect on the body.

B-Vitamins and CoQ10

If you have ever resorted to an energy drink to pick yourself up in the middle of the day, you might have noticed that along with a high dose of caffeine and sugar, most of these drinks come with a full complement of B-Vitamins. This is especially true for those drinks that promise to deliver energy to you all day long. The reason why B-Vitamins, especially B-12, are so popular in energy drinks is that this select group of 8 vitamins is essential when it comes to turning food into useable energy for our bodies. The B-Vitamins go to work on the proteins, carbs (including that sugar in your energy drink) and fats that you consume and transform it into energy for your body. In a way, they help your body burn up its energy supplies more efficiently resulting in energy that ends up lasting all day long.

Natural Energy Boosters For Men That Are Also Very Beneficial To Overall Health

When you are searching for natural energy boosters for men, you should ideally be looking for ones that do more than just increase energy levels. A good energy enhancer should also be beneficial to your overall health, and this is where most fail miserably.

Fueling Your Olympic Spirit

Like the rest of the world, you have probably been watching the Olympics and most likely find yourself a little bit more inspired to achieve your very own fitness goals. Olympic Athletes are amazing and the dedication and commitment that they have to be the best athletes in the world makes our own struggle to get up a half hour early to get some stretching in a little bit trivial. When it comes to becoming a world class athlete, it is all about having the endurance in order to push your body to that next plateau, to have that extra push for those final 100 meters. All this comes with proper fueling of the body. Fueling the body the right way so that it has extra stores of energy when it needs them the most is just as important for success as all the training that is done prior to the event. If an athlete’s body does not have the proper energy stores on the day of the big race, match, or event, the chances of them coming out on top becomes greatly diminished.

Saw Palmetto for Better Sex

If you happen to live along the coast of South Carolina, Georgia, or Florida, chances are that you have come across a little scrub brush with six or seven pronged fronds. Heck, chances are even very good that you might have gotten a scratch from one of these little saw toothed cabbage palms as you brushed against it on your way to the beach. While these Palmetto Plants grow like weeds on the Sea Islands along the South Eastern United States, to call these plants a nuisance would be doing them a great disservice, especially if you happen to be a man looking for a little bit of help in the bedroom department.

Olive Oil for Your Aching Joints

There has been a lot of talk out there about how good olive oil can be for you, especially extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). Olive oil is loaded with the same powerful polyphenols and antioxidants that can be found in green tea and red wine. It can help protect your body from oxidative stress and damage that is caused by free radicals making it a necessary ingredient to combat the effects of aging. Taking it on a daily basis can help improve your heart’s function and keep you skin looking supple and smooth. On top of that, Olive Oil, especially the Extra Virgin variety, is also a perfect all natural ingredient that can help you counteract the effects of joint pain.

Glutamine for Proper Body Functioning

Glutamine is a very important amino acid that assists in the removal of excess ammonia from your body and aids in overall immune system functionality. Glutamine also is essential for proper digestion and mental functioning. Since it is so important, the body actually makes its own supply of Glutamine and stores it in the muscle and lungs. However, despite the body’s ability to make this important amino acid, extreme stress on the body can wind up depleting your bodies Glutamine supplies at faster rate than your lungs can make it.

Health Benefits of the Acai Vitamin

Acai berry vitamins are claimed to feature a wide variety of benefits to help improve overall well-being. Acai berries offer the ideal healing properties to support the development and maintenance of body cells and tissues.

How to Use Different Sources of HGH

What are the different sources of human growth hormone that can have an effect on the hormone level. There are different ways of incorporating human growth hormone. Learn all about he best ways to use this hormone to the optimum to ensure good result.

What Are the Top Natural Sources of HGH That Work?

Human growth hormone or HGH can be derived naturally. There are many natural sources of this hormone that can stimulate the pituitary gland to produce HGH in generous quantity.

How Does HGH (Human Growth Hormone) Work?

What is the function of Human Growth Hormone? How does artificial human growth hormone work, and how it helps our system? Let us learn all about it here.

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