Does China hold the secret to the origins of Cannabis?!?

Test Yourself at Home for Iodine Deficiency

If you try to stick to a healthy diet and cut back on salt, dairy, meat and eggs, you’re on the right track. Right? Well, sounds like a good strategy but it might set you up for an iodine deficiency.

Anti Inflammatory Fish Oil Can Improve Your Health

Let me ask you a quick question, have you heard of the benefits of anti inflammatory fish oil? Maybe you’ve seen reports of one of the dozens of studies that trumpet these benefits. Maybe not. No matter.

What Is Oreganol P73?

Many people are confused about what the difference is between regular oreganol and Oreganol P73. The difference is simply that Oreganol P73 is a proprietary blend of oregano oil produced by North American Herb & Spice; but there is also much more to the story. The P73 blend is wild oregano that is grown on natural mineral-rich soils, usually in the Mediterranean. The extraction process is also unique in that the oil is produced by old-fashioned cold pressing and steam distillation. No chemicals or alcohol are used. This makes oregano oil P73 very safe for everyday use, both internally and topically.

Health Benefits That You Get From Using Vitamin B12 Shots and the Importance of Using Them

You can enjoy many benefits from using Vitamin B12 shots. They include stress reduction, enhancement of energy levels, weight loss and a healthy skin. This shot is good for most people who use it, but it does not suit everyone. You should not use it if you are feeling strong and healthy. It is good for people who are feeling weak and need something to boost energy levels.

Are Multivitamin Supplements Really Necessary?

The issue of whether multivitamin supplements are really necessary are not remains an ongoing debate amongst various interested stakeholders. Some views state that these products are in fact over promoted and encourage bad habits, or at the very least excuses to not eat correctly. Let’s have a look at some of the issues surrounding these supplemental products.

L-Ornithine HCL: An Essential Amino Acid

Looking at a list of all the amino acids you might be having a hard time deciding which ones you have enough of, and which ones might give your body a boost. At first L-Ornithine HCL might not strike you as something important, but the truth is this enzyme is doing some very important things for you.

Fish Oil and Inflammation – Reduce Inflammation And Keep Diseases Away From Your Body With Omega 3

The connection between fish oil and inflammation is based on the fact that the omega 3 found in this special oil is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. These anti-inflammatory properties are responsible for omega 3’s ability to prevent heart disease and other diseases including arthritis and even cancer. Several studies show that inflammation causes major damage in our bodies, and contributes to poor health.

African Mango Diet Pills – Are They Worth Trying? Read On

The diet pills of African Mango are made from the extracts of its seeds. The seeds contain all the nutrition and weight loss properties. In fact the nutrients found in the extract of this fruit are good for your cardio vascular health, blood pressure, lowered bad cholesterol level and increased good HDL.

Is Double Strength Fish Oil Better Than Regular Fish Oil Supplements? The Truth You Need To Know

There are numerous companies that are promoting double strength fish oil supplements today; but, how effective are these ‘so called’ double strength brands? That is the question this article is going to try to answer; so, read on to find out the truth many manufacturers do not want you to know. The effectiveness of fish oil depends on the amounts of DHA and EPA omega 3 fatty acids it contains; these two vital fats are the sources of the most of the omega3 benefits.

Discover The Relationship Between Fish Oil and Gout – Relieve Those Pains With Omega 3 Fish Oil

What is the link between fish oil and gout? That is the question this article is going to answer; so, read on to find out how omega 3 can considerably relieve the symptoms of this painful medical condition. Gout occurs as a result of overload of uric acid in the blood.

Omega3 Oils Will Protect Your Health

Fish is a great source of lean protein. Are you also aware of the myriad of health benefits also provided by the omega3 oils in this seafood?

Vitamin D Blood Test – Is It Worth the Investment?

Monitoring vitamin D blood levels is a great idea given the importance of the vitamin to our immune system and bone heath. But there is no need to keep testing if you do it right the first time.

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