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Prebiotics and Probiotics – Which Is Better?

Nowadays, people are paying more attention to their health. Consequently, there are more interesting updates and discoveries. Take prebiotics and probiotics for example. The trend on improving digestive health to attain an overall well-being has caught on. These two health terms are becoming more and more popular and, lately, more controversial.

The 5 Most Important Benefits Of Fish Oil Pills

There are around five benefits of fish oil pills that are deemed very important and are backed by clinical studies. Fish supplements have gotten to be very popular after it was learned that it contains numerous benefits. But not everybody knows that not all fish all are health beneficial, because not all contain Omega 3 fatty acids. So when you happen to find omega 3 fish products in the market, don’t buy them without first determining their components. What you need to watch out for in particular is the ratio of EPA to DPA – it must be 3:1 or at least 2:1.

The Benefits of Glutamine for Bodybuilding

The glutamine in muscle tissue is stripped away by intense workouts because the body needs to use it for its other main functions, such as supporting the immune system and aiding cellular recovery. Introducing glutamine to the body after workouts helps to replenish the stores of this important amino acid in the muscle, ensuring the next workout is not compromised by the recovery process, and the body is still able to transfer nitrogen efficiently.

Fish Oil – The Dangers You Need to Know

Heavy metal toxins, contaminated fish, poor quality manufacturing, PCBs, regulation, no regulation: these are just a few of the dangerous waters you must navigate in order to safely consume a fish oil supplement. Some supplements have been found to have unsafe levels of polychlorinated biphenyl (also known as PCBS). Current labeling regulations require manufacturers to provide a warning label when the product they are selling may have a toxic item as an ingredient.

How Do Prebiotics Benefit the Human Body?

Prebiotics are nutrients found in certain foods we eat such as unrefined whole grains; barley, oats, rice, along with fruits and vegetables of all sorts. They are in the carbohydrates food group which is one of the main three of our diet, the other two are fats and protein. Eating from this food group will benefit your health in many ways and abstaining from these foods in their natural state can cause a myriad of health problems.

Thinking of Gaining Muscle

So your thinking of gaining some muscle but have really no idea why you want to do it. That should be the first thing you ask yourself, why you want to gain muscle. Then you might need to know what food you need to eat and anything else you might want to know that can help you achieve your goal.

Green Lipped Mussel Supplement Effectiveness

Did you also know that all green lipped mussel supplement effectiveness is not the same, and depending on which supplement you take the benefits and effectiveness will change? Like is the case with most every supplement you take, there are differences between them that will affect the benefits that the will provide you. In the case of the green lipped mussel supplements, there are two primary differences that you will want to be aware of.

Green Tea and Fish Oil Promote Health and Assist Weight Loss

Green tea and the Omega-3 fatty acid DHA combine to provide a powerful natural shield against certain forms of cancer, heart disease, stroke and dementia while assisting weight loss and maintenance. Both of these nutrients directly target gene sequences which have been shown to lower disease risk while increasing base metabolism to burn more calories.

Avoiding Taking Too Many Supplements

Dietary supplements in general, and protein supplements in particular, are a great way to make up the gap between the nutrients you get from dietary sources and the nutrients you need to accomplish your goals. For the great majority of people, dietary supplements will be limited to a single multi-vitamin a day; studies show that most people simply take supplements to feel better about themselves, rather than for any specific need. But those using protein supplements are generally power-users, who have very clear and defined goals as to what they need, and what they need to do to get there. The temptation to over-supplement is great; the immutable wall of diminishing returns, however, is soon reached when dealing with protein supplements.

ADHD And Fish Oil Studies: What Do They Show?

Studies have show that fish oil, which is high in essential Omega 3 fatty acids, reduces the symptoms of children and adults who suffer from ADHD. It should not be relied upon as the only treatment, but fish oil has been shown to be a valuable part of the treatment of ADHD.

Comparing Natural Protein and Whey Protein

Whey protein, commonly used in protein supplementation, is a by-product of the cheese manufacturing process. In simple terms, whey protein is derived from the remaining solids in the liquid left after cheese coagulates from cow’s milk. Like most animal-based proteins – dairy in this case – whey is a complete protein that contains all nine essential amino acids (these amino acids cannot be biosynthesized by the body and must be acquired from dietary sources). Whey protein, either in its concentrate, isolate, or sometimes in hydrolysate (rarely) form are used as protein bodybuilding supplements, meant to saturate the skeletal muscle cells with amino acids to prevent protein catabolism and help them improve their repair and recovery rate after training.

Protein Bars Vs Protein Shakes

For most people, protein is simply a part of a normal, balanced diet. It is found in meat as well as in legumes such as beans, or even rice. In the great majority of cases, dietary sources of protein are more than sufficient to meet the daily requirements, as proteins are needed to repair cells that may have been damaged, either through exercise or injury, but for certain type of people, this is not enough. Athletes and bodybuilders in particular purposefully ‘damage’ their muscles through training and exercise, and need great quantities of protein, and the amino acids they contain to repair this damage, as this is how the muscles grow in both size and strength.

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