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Sucker Fish

Have you ever had difficulty losing weight? Do you experience frequent sugar or carbohydrate cravings? Do you have allergies or food sensitivities? Do any of you go through spells of fatigue or poor mental concentration on a regular basis? Maybe some of you experience constipation or diarrhea, acid reflux or heavy gas. Perhaps you are sleeping poorly or having night sweats. How about recurrent ear and bladder infections? How about bad breath, gum disease and dental problems? Chronic yeast problems; acme, eczema, skin and foot-fungus? Extreme menstrual or menopausal symptoms or even frequent colds flu or infections? Have you ever experienced any of these symptoms?

Important Facts About Menopause After a Hysterectomy

While menopause is a natural occurrence among women, there are instances when a woman enters into menopause earlier than other women. One of those instances is when a woman undergoes a hysterectomy. There are a number of reasons why a woman would undergo such a procedure including pregnancy becoming a health risk or they just don’t want to get pregnant anymore (probably because they have a number of kids already).

Honeycomb Honey

Most people purchase honey from a market or grocery store, in a jar; the branded honey you find in stores is a healthy substitute sweetener or spread for toast and pancakes. But this honey has been purified, first by the beekeeper, who filters out larger pieces of wax and pollen, and then by the manufacturer, who purchases honey wholesale from beekeepers and subjects the honey to further filtration, considerably thinning the honey in the process.

Why Diets Do Not Work?

With an increasing amount of the population becoming overweight, doctors, nutritionists, and health experts are trying to find a solution. Every day we are introduced to new fad diets that makes big promises and, once the novelty of them wears off, they quickly disappear; just to be replaced by a new one. But the reason why diets often don’t work is because losing weight should become a lifestyle rather than a temporary solution.

Acety-L-Carnitine and Antioxidants

Mechanism Acetyl-L-carnitine is an acetylated derivative of the amino acid L-carnitine; it possesses both superior bioavailability and unique properties over the basal L-carnitine molecule. Acetyl-L-carnitine exhibits an array of properties from increased stamina to the donation of its acetyl molecule in the brain to create acetyl-choline a powerful neurotransmitter indicated in memory function and learning. Recent research has also suggested acetyl-L-carnitine may be a powerful life-extension drug revitalizing mitochondrial energy production via oxidative phosphorylation resulting in increased ATP levels (a key energy source in the body) Uses So what can Acetyl-L-carnitine do for you?

Supplements For Steady Weight Loss

These days it seems like you can’t turn on the television or radio without some ad advertising a weight loss supplement that allows you to eat anything you want while you melt away the pounds simply by taking their new magic pill. Common sense tells you it won’t work, but many people still fall for this type of scheme and ultimately donate their money to a company without benefiting themselves in the least. Have you ever known someone that has bought in to this? Or maybe you have. Either way, never fear, hopefully you won’t be making that mistake again. Even though you realize that quick fixes and magic pills don’t work, the reality is that like most people, you’d still like to lose weight, see your waistline shrink and feel your body getting leaner, firmer and more fit.

Everything You Ought To Know About Amino Acids to Help Build Muscle

If you are bodybuilding, you are forever hearing about numerous supplements that you should incorporate into your diet to help build muscle. One of the key supplement additions you may not know about is Amino Acids. This article will give you info on amino acids to help build muscle.

Eating Bee Pollen – Is It Worth It?

It’s common knowledge for those who have researched their health products that bee pollen supplements are one of the best for all around performance. Yet, also for those who have done their research, they would have also found, that eating pollen is apparently like eating dirt. It is an incredibly earthy taste.

You’re a Vegetarian – You Need Omega 3 Fats for Good Health – How Do You Get Them?

Everybody needs more Omega 3 fats for good health, and getting these into your diet isn’t as difficult as you might think. Unless you’re a vegetarian. Or a vegan. Then it’s much more difficult than you might think. So how do vegetarians and vegans get more Omega 3 fatty acids in their diet?

Essential Nutritional Building Blocks That Your Body Needs

Going on health supplements can provide your own body the additional supercharge it requires. They can further help with overcoming infection not to mention ill health as many of these bacterial infections need more significant doses of specific dietary supplements in addition to other nutritional vitamins in order for the infection to stay eliminated. For people existing with life-time health considerations, taking natural supplements along the lines of fish oil can provide alleviation for many signs and symptoms and additionally increase your quality of life.

DHA, Pregnancy, And Mental Wellness

DHA is one of the most essential compounds for proper brain function. Learn about how it effects mood, pregnancy, and mental clarity.

Starter Guide to Dietary and Sports Supplements

Supplements are, by definition, elements that are artificially added to either a diet, or combined to an activity, to make up for something that is either missing completely, or that needs to be present in greater quantity. The types of supplements bought and consumed depend entirely on the person taking them, as well as the goal for which the supplements are taken; there are different types of products, each tailor-made to a specific group or activity. Dietary supplements are by far the most common types of supplement taken by the general public.

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