CBD Benefits For Cancer Patients (2021)

CBD Benefits For Cancer Patients (2021)

cbd benefits for cancer patients

Exploring the Clinical Efficacy of Medicinal Cannabis in Cancer Patients

Despite the recent legalization of Cannabis in Canada, there remains much uncertainty and conspiracy regarding the drug’s clinical efficacy. This video serves to provide some clarity regarding the efficacy of Cannabis in clinical settings; specifically in the context of pain relief for cancer patients, as well as looking at the patient response to medicinal cannabis as a potential indicator for immunotherapy efficacy.

This video will initially explain the endocannabinoid system such that the viewer can better understand the underlying biochemical mechanisms and pathways that are commonly referenced in the video.

Video by McMaster University Health and Life Sciences Undergraduate students Piraveenaa Baskaran, Zein Abdul-Rahman, and Agnya Batra in collaboration with the McMaster Demystifying Medicine program. Copyright McMaster University 2020

CBD Benefits For Cancer Patients

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